Lyme’s Fish Bar

Lyme Regis, Dorset, Tel 01297 442375

About Lyme's Fish Bar

Lyme's Fish Bar has been in business as part of the World Heritage site of Lyme Regis for the past 25 years. It was the first take-away in the town after the second world war, located on Coombe Street. It was founded by the Pelaou family and remains today under their capable control.

Here at Lyme's Fish Bar, we cut and fillet our fish on-site for maximum freshness. Our chips are hand-made from the finest Maris Piper potatoes, which are peeled and chipped on the premises for extra flavour.

Lyme Regis history

Lyme itself has an interesting and comprehensive history, dating back to 774 AD. The town was awarded a Royal Charter from King Edward I in 1284. The town following this event was known as Lyme Regis, the 'Regis' having Royal connotations. It has also been an important component in a number of our country's battles, such as the English Civil War in 1644.

Our town has recently been given World Heritage status for the dramatic local scenery of the Jurassic Coast, which means that it is now operating as a resort and is constantly buzzing.

The building that we operate in fits very well with this historic town as we are situated on the old main street known as Coombe Street. It was formerly known as Horse Street in the 19th century and was the only route into town. The building itself dates back more than 500 years and was once used as the Parish poor house.

Where to find us

New in 2009 is our second outlet situated along the seafront very close to the beautiful sandy beach. This is a take away only site, so you can enjoy your fresh fish and chips on the beach.